Space Commander

Space Commander
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    Android 4.4
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During the passage of this exciting fantasy strategy gamers will take on the role of a brave and smart commander of an elite team of fighters. To experience all the charm of this fascinating strategy game, immerse yourself in the passage of an amazing storyline. I would like to say that this application is made with real-time promotion. Collect the strongest team of armed soldiers and destroy all the enemies that hinder you on the way. Judging by the reviews, this great toy was able to score a large number of high scores and good responses. No one even thought that the project would become so popular and cool.

The approach of a devastating bloody war

to become the strongest opponent and win numerous battles, players will have to try hard and train their fighters with the necessary skills of fighting, making them real fearless, not afraid of death warriors. Engage in hiring skilled combat units, take in their ranks of skilled soldiers, crush various buildings, etc. As it became known, the game includes three different races: Pyrazy, Zeki and People. To set the maximum number of bonus points, gamers will have to fight with other players in the game, who are also trying to build their own powerful Kingdom and collect a Legion of the strongest warriors. Make an Alliance with other gamers, create your own elite team and invite your friends to download Space Commander for Android [/b] to work together to achieve perfection and defeat fierce enemies. Try to capture as many planets inhabited by people as possible, get involved in the extraction of valuable resources, increase your army and let your opponents know that you are an invulnerable God, which is better not to mess with. Start passing especially difficult levels. The battle field will be selected in a chaotic manner, regardless of who and at what hour the players will organize the battle.

Saving final results

at any time, gamers can save their successful results and show them off in various social networks. In this way, users will be interested in a lot of people. Judging by the game pictures and the video provided by the creators, everything is done at the highest level. Most of all, stunning high-quality graphic effects will attract your attention. Fight in spectacular battles with the most dangerous robots, undermine them, buy more advanced weapons, strong armor and immediately begin to pass a huge number of complex additional missions.
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