Galaxy Control: 3D strategy

Galaxy Control: 3D strategy
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    Android 4.1 и выше
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Galaxy Control: 3D strategy - is a fascinating online strategy. Here you appear on a small lifeless asteroid, which will be your main location. You will need to break up your base here, hire troops and go through the storyline capturing neighboring asteroids that are under the control of space pirates. After you capture them, these steroids will become your additional resource bases, from which transports with the necessary resources will be sent. Also, as you progress, you will be able to attack other players ' asteroids and attack their bases. The battle mode is standard here. You will see the enemy base with all the buildings, and you need to specify the landing place of your own troops in such a way that you can destroy as many buildings as possible in one go. Ideally, this base will be razed to the ground.
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