Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
  • Version:
    1.0 b274
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  • Requirements:
    Android 7.0
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    16 666
Hello Neighbor - is a game in which you will become a 10-year-old boy. One day you decided to follow your neighbor and saw something incomprehensible in the window, or rather something incomprehensible was done by your neighbor. Of course, instead of telling your elders or calling the police, you decide to find out the reason for the strange actions of the moustache yourself. To do this, you need to complete a series of quests that will lead you to the basement, where the solution is hidden. At the same time, you need to constantly listen to hear the steps of your neighbor and escape in time, otherwise he will catch you, and you will have to hang back in his home. Will you be able to solve all these puzzles and understand exactly what this barbel is hiding?
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