Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp
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If you are a fan of mountains of meat and rivers of blood, in General horor, then you should definitely play one puzzle game from the developer of Blue Wizard Digital LP called Slayaway Camp.

Everyone who was in the children's camp knows how they like to tell horror stories around the campfire and scare each other. But in one of these camps, all these horror stories turned into reality. From all these stories and the atmosphere of fear in the camp formed a maniac who began to kill everyone in the most sophisticated and bloody ways. You have to play for this maniac.

This game is essentially a bloody puzzle game with cubic graphics and simple controls. You appear on a certain map and you need to destroy all the kids on it. Movements occur in such a way that the hero moves from obstacle to obstacle and only in such places you can change the direction of movement. This is the essence of the puzzle. You need to find a way to your victim to kill her and then get to the pentagram, which indicates the exit from the location and the end of the level. Note that the pentagram is activated only when all targets are destroyed on the location.

Game Features:

  • A huge number of levels with increasing complexity;
  • Availability of a store where you can buy new ways to kill;
  • More than 10 chapters;
  • Cubic graphics.

Slayaway Camp – this is a truly bloody horor puzzle that will make your gyrus tense and freeze your blood in your veins.
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