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Helix Jump

Helix Jump
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    Android 4.4
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If you need a simple arcade game that will allow you to quietly kill a lot of time, then be sure to try your hand at the game, which was created by the team of VOODOO and was named Helix Jump.

In this game you need to lead a Bouncing ball through all the obstacles. You will be listed on the top platform, and you will need to be at the bottom. Each of the platforms has one or more gaps through which can, and should, drop the ball lower and lower. The ball will always stay in one place, and you can control exclusively platforms, rotating them left or right. Remember that each platform separately moving is impossible, they all rotate at the same time.

Almost every platform are the gaps or the walls red. If the ball they hit it, the game will end and the level will have to start from the beginning. But if you will be able to fly past the 3 platforms, that platform from which you then run on your way, smashed, no matter what sector you get.

Game Features:

  • Simple and unusual graphics;
  • Convenient and easy operation;
  • A huge number of levels;
  • The increasing complexity of the game.

Helix Jump – is a fun arcade game with simple gameplay that is guaranteed to test your reflexes, and will give a lot of positive emotions.
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