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Kingdom Rush Frontiers
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    Android 4.2
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TD games exist long before the advent of smartphones. The first themes with tower defense appeared in the third Warcraft And after that gained millions of fans. Now this genre is deeply rooted in mobile games for Android. One of them is a great development by the Ironhide Game Studio team called Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

In this game you have to protect your castle from enemy attacks using towers. There are four types of them: barracks with infantry, towers with archers, towers with mages and grenade throwers. Towers can be improved and make your defense stronger. This will allow you to resist stronger enemies and not let them pass to the castle.

This game has a huge number of levels, each of which is more difficult than the previous one. Each level also has three types of difficulty. To increase it, you need to pass the level on the previous difficulty. Thus, you will earn stars, which can later be spent on improving your units and hero.

Game Features:

  • Simple operation;
  • Many levels;
  • Multiple difficulty levels;
  • A large list of upgrades and improvements.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a great TD style game that is one of the best of its kind and is guaranteed to provide fans of the genre with a lot of positive emotions.
Comments (5)
  1. Bageht
    Bageht 13 March 2022 04:44
    Why does it say the file could be harmful? Android tablet here.
    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous 4 June 2022 22:15
      It appears like that to everyone, no matter what apk, it would still say that, since the site is not made trusted by google themselfes, yet that does not mean that it is harmful
  2. Nie
    Nie 5 February 2022 08:21
    Które mam pobrać?
  3. yes
    yes 2 April 2021 12:27
    wich one do i download ? the mod or the 1st one ?
    1. me
      me 23 August 2021 20:41
      mod is a hack where you unlock stuff and get money, top one is android and the bottom one is for ios
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