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Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled

Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled
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    Android 4.1
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Incredibly exciting shooting game in a dilapidated world filled with fierce bloodthirsty creatures. Players will have to fight the consequences of an unknown virus that broke free, instantly transforming civilians into voracious carnivorous creatures.

Scientists, as always, did not calculate their strength, so in a secret laboratory where dangerous experiments with bacteriological weapons were conducted, an incident occurred, after which a deadly infection that got out into the world infected many city residents, turning them into the living dead and merciless mutated creatures.

Users who have installed Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled will need to explore the streets of many cities and shoot insatiable monsters trying to attack their hero. In Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled gamers will have to lead a merciless fire on angry zombies with different types of weapons and control the level of lives.

Game Features:

  • Stunning graphic effects of the highest quality and a frightening atmosphere;
  • More than several dozen types of weapons;
  • Multiple horrific events of history: the rescue of the civilian population, the search for the missing officers and other;
  • More than a decade of thrilling well-designed maps;
  • Handleability.
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