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Smurfs' Village

Smurfs' Village
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The toy is based on the eponymous comics and animated series. We present to you a small settlement of tiny blue-skinned creatures under the leadership of Pope Smurf. In [b] Smurfs Village [/ b] gamers will have to build a small village, set up housekeeping, expand the territory by exploring new lands, as well as start growing crops and much more.

The game application draws in its unusual enchanting world in a flash, so players will not be able to leave their favorite blue people to their fate. The game [b] Smurfs Village [/ b] is not a Japanese Tamagotchi and users do not need to be constantly near it, it will sufficiently give the Smurfs a certain task, find out in what time it will be ready and you can safely do whatever your soul desires. .

The toy will make users happy with cute cartoon animation, cheerful musical accompaniment and will recreate a wonderful festive atmosphere.

[h3] Game features: [/ h3]
  • Beautiful cartoon graphic effects;
  • Embroidered fascinating mini-games;
  • Several currencies: berries and gold coins;
  • Diverse activities: production of various products, trade, harvesting and construction of buildings;
  • Unusual music tracks and high-quality sound effects;
  • Huge list of entertainment items, including a village cinema.
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