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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival - a newly Minted horror story about the insatiable walking dead, is considered a good representative of its kind. It mixes a variety of elements of urban simulation and role-playing games that can help gamers learn much more about the unusual story of the protagonists, which were taken from the most popular series of fascinating comics written by the talented American playwright Robert Kirkman. The game app the Walking dead: the road to survival will naturally force gamers to face a myriad of monstrous creatures.

But except for the fact that players will have to destroy all the bloodthirsty zombies and stay alive, trying to survive in this difficult battle, the main task will be to win a victorious success over the harsh dictator-Governor, who sat in the town of Woodbury. He is subject to a huge number of loyal rebels and they also need to be calmed down. Here you need to correctly and quickly make serious decisions, otherwise a single mistake, or a wrong move, can cost your hero's life.

Initially, what users will need to do - to equip the city. The remaining handful of survivors need a long chain of strategic targets. In this way, uninfected people will be able to protect themselves and feel under real protection. At the same time, you need to complete a string of different tasks and improve your heroic characters along with their inventory. Users who installed The Walking Dead: Road to Survival on their modern gadgets will have to upgrade a vast number of items needed for further existence.

From the very beginning, the toy will open several options or types of characters. Each group has its own unique skills and different characteristics, but each of these fighters will present certain vulnerabilities, learning about which the enemy can make a capture of its own goal. To survive, you need to upgrade your characters in time, improve their skills and abilities. The more improvements you have made, the more chances you will have to overcome the rotting dead. Destroy the cursed undead, sending them back to the infernal underworld, and always strive for victory.

game Features:

  • Start building a small settlement;
  • During the game, there is a great opportunity to improve skills;
  • Find survivors along the way and take the surviving residents to your team;
  • Try to survive at all costs.
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