Gear.Club - True Racing

Gear.Club - True Racing
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    Android 4.3
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A good racing toy for Android OS, impressive for its unsurpassed graphic effects and diversity. The game app is a realistic virtual racing competition of premium class, which the creators of the game Studio Eden Games managed to bring to realistic perfection. The graphic execution of the game process excites the imagination, which draws gamers in the desire to admire the high-quality picture of the events taking place, with the distant sea line along the route, as well as the wonderful picturesque nature with gulls fluttering in the sky.

In Gear.Club - True Racing every gamer can make the most of all their acquired skills and abilities, without being afraid to indulge in high-speed modes, go almost point-blank with an opponent, having a weapon in the form of a bump, do not overdo it with gas and produce periodic braking, and eventually become an invincible triumphant of breathtaking competitions. You can test the toy in a simple arcade mode, in addition, players are allowed to use a progressive and more difficult hardcore system, without relying on the help of virtual assistants, trying to get out of a difficult situation on their own.

If you spend a lot of time on the game app Gear Club, you will gradually begin to notice the perfectly thought-out physical parameters of the movement of road transport. Cars contain the ultimate coupling with the road, all this makes it much easier to control them at the time of performing various maneuvers. Also at the disposal of users will be a fairly extensive garage, which includes a huge list of necessary equipment, in which, with the help of hired professional car repairers, you can quickly and efficiently repair your iron monster, have a great time and relax a little.

All this will undoubtedly surprise even the most fastidious gamers. The creators did a good job on numerous race modes, constantly updated tracks, special prize competitions and other interesting resources, as well as the potential of the toy. If you even see any minor bugs here, this great game still deserves respect from users.

Game Features:

  • Exotic terrain racing competitions;
  • All details of sports cars are made in high HD quality;
  • There are several modes of the control system;
  • Great opportunity to upgrade your car;
  • Fully modeled transmissions and engines.
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