Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
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    Android 4.0
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A good port of the legendary action game that first appeared in the white light at the beginning of the 21st century on personal computers. The most famous game company Beloko Games participated in the creation of the presented game application. By recording Return to Castle Wolfenstein on your portable Android devices, you will be transported to the harsh time when the Second world war was in full swing. In the story, you can instantly understand that you will be transferred to Berlin in 1943. After the first launch of the game, gamers will find themselves in the midst of the fighting between the German and Soviet armies.

Although even the naked eye can see that the toy is already outdated, but this is not a hindrance for users, because it impresses them with its own realism. This does not even apply to the graphics component, which is clearly not up to modern quality. It is necessary to focus more attention on the atmosphere of military operations, which also applies to the playability, which the creators have worked very well and they all turned out at the highest level. Do not expect that by running the game, you will be able to easily destroy all the Nazi murderers who will be waiting for you at every corner throughout the gameplay.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - this is a fairly hardcore shooter, you will have to kill every enemy that gets in the way, and in order to win several rivals at the same time, you will need to sweat a little. The creators decided to make their product match the real battle: users will often need to hide in shelters and even some time not to get out of them, otherwise your soldier will be overtaken by a hellish death, the Nazis will instantly shoot the protagonist from different sides.

Act calmly, with extreme caution and without a single sound, and the best option is to keep the tactic of silent and perfect destruction of enemies. If you want to go ahead, you will not be able to hold out for more than two minutes, because you will immediately find yourself dead with a shot in the head and an important operation will simply fail. Players will have to go through all the circles of hell, overcome many deadly dangers and all sorts of obstacles, and try to eliminate the Nazi threat. Victory is in your hands.

Game Features:

  • Excellent three-dimensional graphic effects;
  • Practical and convenient control system;
  • Exciting gameplay that draws gamers;
  • The game contains a large selection of powerful guns;
  • A fairly high-quality port of the popular game app.
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