Chilly Snow

Chilly Snow
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    Android 4.4
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A simple toy with simple gameplay and simple polygonal graphics that perfectly conveys the entire game atmosphere. The main goal of the game player is to take control of a large block of snow and try to roll it from the snow-covered slope to the lowest point, maneuvering between tall trees and small bushes. Every beginner is able to understand the game management. Very interesting gameplay is waiting for our users, who should like to lower the snow-white ball on the icy mountains. The gameplay is made in the usual graphic effects, which gives gamers a great opportunity to use this exciting game on portable Android devices that have weak system characteristics. In addition, users do not have to connect to the Internet, because the toy can be run offline. At any hour of the day, when you need to take a break from the hard working days or other free time, you will be able to play these fun snow races on the mountains without any problems, which will pull you into your unusual snow-white world. In the future, players will find an endless number of stages offered in the simplified management. For this reason, even a small child will be able to test their own abilities as a snowboarder. This entertaining app is perfect for killing free time and will be able to distract gamers from all that is happening.

Dizzying adventures on snow-covered mountain slopes

Feel the strongest adrenaline rush after you decide to Chilly Snow. After playing this great game, you will be able to kill a lot of time. Once you run it once, you simply can't stop, plunging headlong into the enticing gameplay. Roll down to the bottom of the mountains, gradually gaining speed, getting the maximum adrenaline. Do not forget to collect special bonuses that will come your way, they will open the latest levels and various items.

Try to maneuver between green trees

Learn how to perform the coolest maneuvers, for this you will be assigned tempting bonuses. Recommend this snow game to your friends, with whom you can compete, making an unusually heated competition. Set limit records that your friends can't beat and climb to the top of the leaderboard. If the user has some important things to do, he can simply stop the game and go about his business with a calm mind, and then return again, disabling the pause, and continue the game again.
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