Idle Space Clicker

Idle Space Clicker
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    Android 4.1
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If you're looking for a game where you can spend a few hours of free time, then you've come to the right place. This is an interesting and high-quality game application, where you will find exciting game tasks, quests, and other tests. Enemy flying objects will constantly try to destroy you and throw you off the right path, but you need to meet them in such a way that they lose, and you honorably preserved the safety of the entire galaxy. Take part in a large number of game missions in which you will find really difficult situations to pass. You can start a personal operation in the battle with alien creatures who want to capture everything that does not really belong to them. You control a tough fighter with which you can easily destroy several tons of dangerous enemies on your way. Constantly you will expect exciting battles on each game location, which has an unrealistic number of traps and obstacles that need to be bypassed. If all tasks are completed perfectly, you will get precious experience points, which you can then use to buy valuable weapons, as well as other protective materials used in the future for useful purposes.

Action game with a great graphic design

In fact, you have a great opportunity to try out this new and exciting project, but before that, be sure to familiarize yourself with the game features:
  • Meet on your phone a lot of different types of modern technology, with which you will take an active part in constant game battles with opponents;
  • Graphics that take your breath away with their three-dimensional effects;
  • This is a really interesting clicker, in which unnecessary stress is definitely not needed;
  • You can constantly improve space technology, so that it becomes more productive every time;
  • Try to customize your own ship, using cool elements.

Many classic space wars

Immediately after you have enough strength Idle Space Clicker, you can start constant battles in open space. Enjoy the game levels, destroying a large number of enemies on your way. Use the strongest improvements, having the desire to achieve the desired victory, as well as having a lot of cool views from space. At each stage, you will fight with dangerous Bosses, who have many powerful features and features.
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