Ice Scream 2

Ice Scream 2
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    Android 4.1
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Ice Scream 2 is an exciting game made in the form of a horror movie. There's an evil ice cream vendor here. This time the gamer will have to save the main character. He was kidnapped by a villain and also frozen. The ice cream man looks friendly, but under the guise of hiding a terrible creature. As soon as the children approach the van, the car immediately engulfs it. To find a child, you need to move to different locations. It is necessary to solve puzzles to find out where the villain got such abilities. Ahead of the gamer is waiting for an exciting process with which you can spend your free time.
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  1. Kien
    Kien 26 December 2020 04:41
    Ice scream 1 outwitt
  2. Kien
    Kien 26 December 2020 04:41
    Ice scream 1
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