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Ice Scream 3
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    Android 4.1
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Ice Scream 3 - bring to your attention the third part of the horror arcade game in which there are elements of the puzzle. As in past games, the protagonist must oppose evil Iceman who has super powers. The development character is faced with the fact that he saw the kidnapping of his own comrades, a merchant of ice cream, which also froze the new prisoner. In this situation the protagonist decides to assist in the comrade and departs on his search. During displacement on a huge number of locations the main character will need not only to solve logic puzzles, and try to do everything so that not to attract the attention of the enemy.
Comments (14)
  1. Aiysah
    Aiysah 13 August 2021 19:34
    Sya pun nak jugak outwitt mod tpi sdh download dah takde jugak dalam game ice scream 3 niiii
  2. Zac
    Zac 21 July 2021 06:08
    Uhh it sucks because I can't get it and plus it is dumb that I can't
  3. Jeff
    Jeff 26 March 2021 16:55
    I'm so happy
  4. Prince Singh
    Prince Singh 17 March 2021 06:51
    It is fake app
  5. Kapil
    Kapil 4 March 2021 06:51
    I need ice cream 3 outwitt
    1. Alex
      Alex 10 March 2021 18:33
      Vatt huoo plese tal me
      1. Asyur azaim
        Asyur azaim 10 April 2021 10:02
        I can ice cream 3
    2. Asyur azaim
      Asyur azaim 10 April 2021 10:00
      Ice cream 3 kat google
  6. harabi lamri
    harabi lamri 21 February 2021 15:33
    IS cooooooool
  7. Connor
    Connor 3 January 2021 02:02
    I really want it
  8. Kien
    Kien 30 December 2020 09:41
    I really wanna do outwitt help me please I never play outwitt before I go to the ice scream 3 outwitt but cannot
  9. Bryson
    Bryson 19 October 2020 02:37
    I really like this app outwitt mod I really want to download but it's not working
  10. Maman dubi
    Maman dubi 19 July 2020 13:49
    How to download ice cream 3 mod menu
    1. XRAY
      XRAY 11 June 2021 15:56
      Look it could be fake i did not try it but if it said not installed that means you have to uninstall the original app k hope it worked I cant help all people i dont have much time k
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