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Beautiful spectacular fighting game created by the most famous developers from the game Studio Namco. Initially, stop at the choice of your favorite fighter, who has his unique abilities, his fighting style and special skills, and then take part in spectacular fights with gamers from all over the world, which will please you with a variety of fighting techniques. Use unique military equipment and win. Lead your own heroic character through numerous company battles, defeat a myriad of rivals, and destroy powerful and hardy Leaders. Create an invincible team and team up with your friends to join forces against other Internet users. Expand your abilities and improve your heroes with incredible superpowers. Discover for yourself and the protagonist more than thirty unique movements that give huge advantages over the enemy. Complete a variety of game missions, explore a variety of fantastic locations, and create a special team of first-class fighters to complete levels and get tempting rewards. The game contains several interesting modes, including online mode. Improve your fearless character during the game and challenge strong opponents to battle. Crush powerful opponents and increase your own rating. Previously, this exciting toy was famous for popularity on personal computers, so the creators decided to please gamers by creating a similar game on mobile platforms with OC Android, the idea turned out just great.

Training in crown techniques

Each of the heroes is endowed with unique abilities, using which the battle becomes not so difficult. One such crown blow can cause serious damage to the opponent, taking part of his life. If players are interested in these unusual features, then they need to TEKKEN, and then fully immerse themselves in this enchanting world. Take part in various game modes, complete exciting tasks and immerse yourself in fascinating events.

Storyline of the game

the New game version will take users to an amazing fairy tale. From the very beginning, users will take on the role of a skilled fighter Kazue mishime. Actually, this legendary hero will be able to fight many elite opponents on the spot with his skill, good reaction, endurance and dexterity, trying to defeat him and become the best.
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