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Our life is a complex unpredictable thing that can change dramatically at any moment. To have a little fun, you can plan a trip to a movie theater, restaurant, gambling establishment, art school, go to an incendiary disco, read interesting books in the local library or go shopping. Citizens are very fond of their native metropolis and often choose to go for a walk in the beautiful and green recreation parks to get some fresh air and think about a lot. Weekly fairs or other holidays are organized. In this way, many people take a break from very stressful and boring everyday problems. Only one person had no desire to go to exciting holidays, he constantly wanted to sit in the usual four walls and not bother with any problems. This man was a scowling old Watchmaker. He hated entertainment, took it for nothing. When the townspeople came close to the tower where the Watchmaker lived, this recluse always found excuses not to go out. If gamers want to get to know this eccentric character, they just need to Clockmaker, and learn in detail the history of his life.

Introduction to the able Watchmaker

the old Man constantly refused to appear on the streets of his hometown. Most of all, he liked the hermit lifestyle, he liked the silence, calm and complete solitude. Everything would have gone on as usual, but the day came when no man was invited to the great feast. Actually, at this moment, the Watchmaker decided to radically change the lives of ordinary mortals. Having burst into tears, pouting his lips, with anger, he stopped time, as a result of which the whole metropolis was covered with pitch darkness. Each user will have to go through a mass of complex and intricate puzzles and solve many problems delivered by city residents.

Special features of an exciting game

the Toy is endowed with many quality features, for this reason it is considered the best of the best. Very pleasant atmosphere and more than five hundred different stages. Sometimes gamers earn bonus points and try to collect certain combinations from special chips. Each of the locations has unusual mechanics and exciting trails with various obstacles. The app has an original idea and may appeal to most Internet users. Immerse yourself in this incomparably exciting project and admire the colorful picture you see.
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