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Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic
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    Android 4.0.3
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Extreme riding on a steep sport motorcycle in first person through the busy city streets. In this game, users will take control of a powerful motorbike, which will have to travel at blazing speeds on different tracks of a huge metropolis with a never-ending traffic. Jump behind the wheel of his iron two-wheeled monster and show a real master class, performing dizzying stunts and leaving behind traveling on the same road strip machine. Try to maneuver in heavy traffic flows and avoid accidents. Squeeze the throttle to max and drive at the speed limit on various highways sonorousness trying to get around in front cars lapping as close as possible to them to earn special bonus points. Rush on the highway during day and night time, buy a new, more powerful model of high-speed sport bikes, with special features and having a different appearance. Realize his cherished dream and become a professional rider. Upgrade your speeder bikes, ride on any road and highways in all weather conditions. An unimaginable amount of amazing trails that help the users to concentrate only on them. In this magical world there is nothing better than a great pastime for your favorite iron horse. The tension to catch in an hour most everyday street riding is possible in absolutely any time. These unforgettable feelings and a strong adrenaline rush will stay with players for a long time. The most tempting is the fact that sports application is executed in magnificent 3D graphics.

Crazy realistic racing sportbike

After the gamers decide Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic, they immediately will have to choose high-quality expensive motorcycles that you can buy. You can opt for that motorbike that you'll be pleased and fully satisfied with its own unique characteristics. Existing in-game vehicle absolutely fully comply with the motorcycles, which at the current day cut in big bustling cities.

Huge selection of motor vehicles

Several types of different tracks corresponding to the drive conditions. Awesome realistic graphics, which can make your road riding more credibility than a simple standard game. Now, thanks to the unique challenge mode, racers can try their hand in the toughest situations, as well as a very difficult and unusual circumstances.
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