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We present you the perfect in its kind simulation of life in the middle ages, where you will be able to participate in various mythical stories and also be in the role of an elf, or an ordinary man. Very soon you will learn a lot of new details about this wonderful and addictive game. This is probably the first case where a fabulous simulators so strongly capture attention. Initially, at the beginning of the game the way you have to understand which side you will pass this wonderful story. You can choose elves, or the common people. Dive into this fascinating atmosphere, uncover the secret myths and try to create their own Kingdom, which will be able to constantly improve and expand it. Become a true king, who alone will decide how he needs to properly develop the overall urban planning. Constantly only collect valuable resources that will help you to trade in multiplayer mode. Study new technologies of the middle ages, and just enjoy the game. First and foremost, you need to understand what style of further construction. In the end you will be able to develop a large city where everything will be done at an ideal level. It is also worth considering the fact that the end result will always depend on the people, as well as the types of their homes.

Great modern Medieval town-planning simulator

After downloading the game on your phone, you will need to make the right choices in the present in-game races. Each race has its own characteristics and features, which will help you in further development in the gaming industry. Men are excellent workers, but they know very few details about real magic, owned by an army of Elves. Also it is necessary to consider the point that your choice will depend on the further construction and their style. During the construction of their own city you're going to spend a lot of free time. Also have the opportunity to do a little training if you will have difficulty passing.

Your capital should be as completed

impress your mates Elvenar, after which you will be able together with them to face the challenging tasks present in this game. You're constantly trying to improve the condition of their own race. The player gets access to a large map where there is a wide variety of provinces. Thanks to them you will be able to significantly increase the size of its borders, and also get a true possession.
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