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Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits Racing
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    Android 4.0
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Smash Bandits Racing - will allow drivers from all over the world to break away from the police in full for all the years of oppression and constant fines. In this game you have to become a completely crazy driver who went off the rails and began to destroy everything in his path. You just have to destroy as many items that are marked with blue markers. For this, you will earn reputation points and money that you will need to upgrade your car, as well as buy a new one. You will constantly be hindered by the police and the more lawlessness you will create, the greater this interference will be: spikes, barriers, special forces and even tanks will start hunting for you. You also need to be away from all of my teams, and wish to steal any police car. But this requires the presence of a certain amount of currency and the steeper the stolen car, the more expensive it will cost.
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