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Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman

Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman
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With this exciting simulator, players will be able to participate in dizzying battles. All fans of Stickman heroes will necessarily get a lot of incredible pleasure from this entertaining gameplay, where it is possible to fight indefinitely against other teams. Users will definitely like the magnificent three-dimensional graphic effects and amazing atmosphere. Put together a team of the best Stickmen and be ready for spectacular battles against dangerous terrorist groups in this darkened criminal world. Gamers will have to take command of their fighters and engage in combat with other heavily armed villains. A completely new gameplay will be able to give gamers a lot of pleasure and absolutely new experiences. Users will be able to Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman, and daily admire this unique app, as well as take part in crazy battles and noisy shootouts. Stock up on a large Arsenal of weapons, arm your first-class fighters and go forward on the battlefield. Pistols, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, and other weapons will appear in battles. For each destruction of the enemy you will earn points that will help you get to the top of the lead.

Total Stickman battles

After installing this application, you will get such unusual gameplay features:
  • an Impressive game where gamers will have to confront a Horde of the most dangerous criminals of the original world of Stikmen.
  • a Large variety of exciting locations and a large-scale Arsenal of weapons.
  • Special tactical and strategic features that will help you get the highest gameplay efficiency.
  • Nice three-dimensional three-dimensional graphic effects, where the environment and characters are implemented.
  • full-Fledged system of improvements and upgrades of their firearms, as well as the skills of the soldiers in the team.

Exciting 3D battles

Each new stage contains a completely unique location. Everywhere gamers will expect the latest objects, opportunities to hide from enemies and participate in risky shootouts. Play as black Stickmen and shoot red Stickmen in a sieve. You have to learn how to shoot from behind cover, eliminate all obstacles and accurately hit the target, powerful shots. Use grenade launchers and lemons that tear apart your opponents. In addition, users will be able to participate in battles with three teams at the same time. In all possible ways, try to win over the enemy side, and all this will help a special system of upgrades.
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