Google Play services

Google Play services
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    23.17.15 (100400-534251769)
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  • Requirements:
    Android 4.1
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The entire Android operating system is based on a group of various services from Google. Therefore, in order for the device and most of its applications to work correctly, you need to constantly have up - to-date updates of the program from Google LLC called Google Play services.

This is a separate application that is responsible for the direct operation of the device and most of its programs. If an outdated version of this app is installed on the device, most launches of other programs will end with an error and a request to update the services.

In General, this program is responsible for absolutely everything, including the launch of Google Play. Therefore, to install the current update, you will need to download it on our website and install it from the outside. This program also has an open API, which in turn makes it easier for developers to create new applications and games, including multi-user ones. It also makes syncing with other installed Google apps much easier to work with Google+.

App Features:
  • Open API code;
  • Full synchronization with all standard Google apps and services;
  • Requires a permanent up-to-date version.

Google Play services – this is one of the most basic programs for Android, without which the normal operation of the device is simply impossible.
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  1. Shadab fatima
    Shadab fatima 16 May 2020 04:03
    Please download google play store
  2. Shadab fatima
    Shadab fatima 16 May 2020 04:01
    Please download google play store
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