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Google Play Store
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A modern smartphone or tablet is no longer inferior in terms of use and functionality of computer technology. Some use it to watch movies or videos, others play a variety of games, others listen to music, others read books, and so on. But like a computer, a mobile device needs programs to perform certain actions.

When releasing the Android OS, the developers took care of this and created a multi-user platform in which every developer or company can share a game, book, program, movie, and so on. Everyone knows the name of this store - Google Play Store. From the very beginning, it became so popular with users that it almost immediately became a standard application for any Android device.

This is essentially an incredibly large portal that contains absolutely everything that a user of a modern Android device might need. Most use it only to search for a variety of mobile games. But in addition, there are terabytes of e-books, programs, movies, music, and most of this is available for free. So why go online when everything is in the play store.

App Features:

  • Easy navigation with the ability to search for a specific product by name;
  • Many manufacturers;
  • Ability to link your Google account;
  • Tracking all payments made in games;
  • Round-the-clock support service.

Anyways, why you need a browser on your phone is not particularly clear, when this wonderful program is already installed on it.
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