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When someone doesn't need any information, they go to Wikipedia. If this information is required in the form of a video, then it is necessary to develop a Google LLC team called YouTube.

This is the most popular and convenient service for viewing any videos from the Internet at the moment. It stores millions or even billions of video files of users from all over the world. On a computer, it is only available in the browser, but for more convenient use on mobile devices, Google has developed a separate application and constantly updates it as soon as improvements appear.

For example, in the new version of YouTube, the playback function is available. With it, you can expand the video to full screen, and when you need to view the description under the video or read user comments, just swipe up. After this movement, the video will scroll and open its description and comments. So now you don't need to minimize the video for this. Always use the official app from Google and then you will receive regular notifications about the latest updates.

App Features:

  • Easy navigation;
  • A huge amount of diverse video content;
  • Ability to upload your own videos.

YouTube is the most convenient service for viewing videos that is only available at the moment. In addition, it is completely free.
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    Enamul hoque anik 9 March 2020 00:18
    It was fantastic time
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