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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
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We present you an excellent fishing simulator designed specifically for people who love fishing on the shore. The main goal of gamers is to catch the largest number of fish. But in a very short time to achieve a high result is probably simply impossible. As in real fishing, you need an iron shutter speed. Initially, you need to stop at choosing a strong fishing rod, while taking into account the fact that there are many different models, each of which is designed for a specific production.

In Ace Fishing: Wild Catch you can change the length of the fishing line using special settings. If gamers want to buy additional equipment for more effective fishing, you can do it at any time in the fishing shop. You will only need to get money by catching large fish, as well as rare specimens. You should know that you can only join the game via Wi-Fi. Launching this amazing game app using the mobile Internet will most likely fail.

In this amazing toy users expect beautiful 3D graphic effects that give the feeling of real fishing. Catch and hook a fish with a light touch on the display of the gadget and set up your fishing rod by selecting a certain length of fishing line, not forgetting the choice of strength, it all depends on what size fish you want to pull out of the water. Wander through a variety of lakes, rivers and other wonderful scenic areas of our beautiful world, admiring a considerable variety of diverse exotic fish.

At their disposal, gamers will get a lot of gear, spinning rods, fishing rods, spinners and baits, which they will have to select and use considering all sorts of features of the environment, weather conditions and species of fish. You will have a great chance to test your own strength in virtual fishing in virtually all parts of the world. In addition, players will be able to participate in a professional fishing competition, receiving money for the fish caught, which will be useful for further improvements and acquisition of inventory. The game Ace Fishing: Wild Catch contains a great graphic component, a practical and comfortable control system, as well as unsurpassed game dynamics.

Game Features:

  • A large number of game maps and interesting locations: lakes and rivers actually look like real ones;
  • Absolutely fully Russified interface;
  • Easy gameplay: the control system is so easy that even a small child can master it;
  • Stunning graphic effects: wonderful landscapes and the surrounding world are presented in detail;
  • The entire gameplay is accompanied by excellent live music.
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