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Draw Cartoons 2
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Draw Cartoons 2 - is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create your own cartoons without any special skills or knowledge.

The program has prepared a large number of courses, training video tutorials and other things that will allow you to become a professional in creating cartoons, even if you do not have special skills. Try the free app and create your first cartoon in which characters can come to life and interact with objects/each other.

To start creating, just tap on the green button, then select the tool you need and start drawing. All characters and other elements in the program consist of a huge number of points that need to be combined to get a specific shape. Draw Cartoons 2 is completely free. You don't need to draw using dots, but you can use the usual tools and draw an arbitrary shape.

To revive the character you need, you will need to go to a special section and then start moving the points. The process is long, but not time-consuming, but the result will surprise you. In addition, you can use ready-made templates, music files and background images that will make your cartoons better.

Program Features:

  • User-friendly interface in Russian;
  • Large selection of instruments, templates, and music tracks;
  • Useful video tutorials;
  • The preservation of the cartoons in several popular formats;
  • Instant upload of YouTube videos.
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