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Ice Skating Ballerina - Dance Challenge Arena

Ice Skating Ballerina - Dance Challenge Arena
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    Android 4.1
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After downloading this game project, you can try yourself as a real figure skater-ballerina. If you are a girl, and your head has long been flying thoughts about how to become a great ballerina, but because of special reasons, you could not fulfill your desire in reality, then you will finally be able to fulfill your cherished dream in this wonderful game. Now you will prove to everyone around you that you are a true master of sports who can achieve exceptionally high peaks and remarkable success. If you wanted to try out a new ice surface for a very long time, then in this game application you will not only be able to do it, but also perform several unique tricks that will be the envy of all the surrounding players.

a Wonderful mobile figure skating simulator

in fact, you only have to imagine that you are an ordinary girl who is engaged in figure skating, as well as performing a large number of different wonderful tricks. One day a well-known figure skating coach turns up on the site and sees that you can perform the coolest and most difficult pirouettes. After that, you start a conversation, after which you become a real professional in your field. It's probably a sin to refuse such an offer. After downloading the toy to your smartphone, you will have exactly the same story. You can believe it, or go about your business, but a popular coach around the world wants to work with you and reach the heights of success. You need to hone your own skills, try to make an Axel, as well as daily training to study sheepskin coats, after which at some point you will become a world champion, which will be watched by a huge audience. The time begins when you will spend every day for difficult classes, because everyone wants you to achieve your result and become a successful figure skater. Good skating is wonderful, but you should have everything else at the highest level. Make your hero the best makeup, and dress the girl in a beautiful dress. Only in this way you will be able to achieve the maximum result.

Girls, this game is for you!

If you decide to download Ballerina-figure skater-ice Dancing on Android, you will immediately turn into a master of figure skating. The creators of the game app have tried to do everything possible so that you get only positive and memorable emotions from the game project. To perform the trick conceived by the program, you will need to press a certain button at the right second, and everything will be done in the best possible way.
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