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Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza
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Become the owner of a pizzeria and start cooking delicious pizza, which will be enjoyed by your demanding customers. Expand your own business, making it more successful. Players will have to cook all sorts of different types of pizza in their cozy pizzeria. They will have at their disposal special kitchen appliances and a lot of ingredients for cooking delicious pizza. Listen carefully to customers ' orders, follow the recipe exactly, and make sure you don't make mistakes when adding different ingredients to the pizza. Do not delay much with orders, try to fulfill them as quickly as possible. Earn a decent amount of money and buy new kitchen equipment. Gamers will learn all the features of this rather interesting business and learn how to manage and develop a pizzeria. Learn the skill of cooking flavorful sauces and pizza to please your picky customers with unsurpassed masterpieces. Make your kitchen more comfortable to work in and learn how to use all kinds of appliances and tools. The chef must be able to work with different types of recipes and not make a single mistake, or the pizza will not appeal to visitors and your new business may suffer losses, as well as lose regular customers. Over time, users will learn how to cook fantastic pizza and their institution will gradually be filled with new visitors. Your pizzeria can become one of the most profitable in a huge metropolis. But know that competitors are not asleep, they will do anything to prevent your successful business from thriving normally.

Learn to cook delicious pizza

If you want to Good pizza, Great pizza, then from the first minutes of the game you will understand what a simple, but great graphics are here. Thanks to the easy control, you will not be able to break away from the game. Stop at choosing one of the types of ingredients that will be required for baking the order and put it on a high-quality dough. After all these steps, send the finished product to a special oven and wait for the result.

a Huge variety of ingredients

Fill the dough with finely chopped carrots, cucumbers, herbs, cheese, eggs, meat, mushrooms, sausage and other products. With these ingredients, your prepared product will be the best and most delicious in the area. Every day, more than a hundred different customers will come to your place and everyone will have their own orders.
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