Shaverma Patrul

Shaverma Patrul
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Try to personally join the most popular characters of this application, so that together with all users with pleasure to check a large number of unique places in the city, where you can eat the most delicious, and most importantly juicy shaverma in the entire area. This becomes such an interesting and exciting task that you can leave almost all your important and not very interesting things, and immerse yourself in the study of this rather interesting, as well as overly unique project. You can immediately understand that this is a great program created for ordinary people. Try to explore all the features of the toy characters that were present in this show, which, of course, you have already seen for a long time. You can easily find yourself in the place of all the characters, and feel the whole unique and interesting atmosphere of the project. Find out for yourself how difficult it was to travel to various places in the city to try and appreciate the different different taste of shaverma. On your way will be many obstacles and dangers, but you will still be able to easily prove that only you have the power to become a true connoisseur of delicious and wonderful shavers. Get pleasure from the game controls, gameplay, and try to conquer the world in this interesting adventure.

Quality parody of a popular show

If you have long loved to watch this exciting and interesting show, in this case you will have a great opportunity to take part in it yourself, and of course check in person where the best and most delicious shaverma is located. Turn into a true and invincible hero that will be known all over the world. After each completed round, you will need to give a rating (an asterisk) to a certain shaverma, thus promoting them in the main list. Use the map of the city, and also try to mark only those places that you managed to visit this time. So now you will be able to build a real network with the best quality places selling Shawarma.

Travel in search of delicious Shaverma

Constantly after you can Shaverma Patrol, you will be able to visit a large number of different places, as well as evaluate, in fairness. Turn into the hero of a popular show that was created on the Internet by popular characters-Khovansky, Kuzma Gridin, and MAXON. Try to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere in which you expect constant and a little tedious search for exactly the place where you will expect the most juicy and delicious food.
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