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My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever
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    Android 4.2
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Play together with your friends and go on a great journey together. Tamagotch really needs someone who can become his own irreplaceable friend. You will be happy to spend every day with this virtual creature, getting irreplaceable pleasure from the gameplay for a long time. You have to help him in a huge number of cases, as well as monitor his health. You need to make him happy, because this creature considers you the only friend who can do everything possible for an interesting time. Try to feed him the sweetest fruit he wants. In addition, you will be happy to send him to some other city for a variety of adventures, in which he will be able to meet really new friends who will be the best in the world for him. Every day you will enjoy every time you spend with your virtual friend. Give your new friend the opportunity to meet new friends who will help him learn how to enjoy his own life. Also, after a difficult but interesting day, you must go to bed, because Tamagotch needs a long and healthy sleep, which will allow him to observe exceptionally beautiful dreams.
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