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Gems or jewels ?

Gems or jewels ?
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    Android 2.3
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Users are invited to play an exciting, addictive, filled with bright colors of life game that managed to win the hearts of a multi-million audience. Actually, such a large number of gamers wanted to install this application on their portable devices. And it doesn't matter what you can do, it's important to have a good wit and highly developed thinking abilities that will help you win a victorious success as a result. A lot of this kind of Android application programs were not close to the above. Gamers can devote a lot of their free time to this fun and colorful game, and they will no longer need other virtual games.

Game features

the Creators did a good job, coming up with an incredible number of fun levels, of which there are more than a thousand. In each new addition, their number begins to grow, there are more complex and exciting stages. If you have a desire Gems or jewels ?, you can see that the game has an incredibly beautiful graphics, which is very well executed, for this reason, the application has gained such considerable popularity among users of different ages around the world. Your display shows a lot of different shapes and colors of figures. You won't have to do anything difficult with them. On the contrary, everything is quite easy, the main goal of gamers is to collect single-color figures. When several single-color figures are combined, they simply explode and disappear from the screen of the Android device, after which their place is taken by other multi-colored figures, which are oval, pentagonal, square, and many other shapes. The color is also very different: red, orange, blue, green, black, purple, white, and other colors.

Various features of the app

the Only skills that users should have-excellent logical thinking, beautiful boundless imagination and some tricks. Each of the above characteristics will help you in its own way. Logic will make it possible to arrange multi-colored shapes in the correct order, so that players can get even more points. And the immense creative imagination will contribute to the fact that users were able to see in detail all the single-color figures and put them in the way they are required to lie. The toy contains many huge elements that greatly facilitate the gameplay. In addition, the creators worked hard and wanted to add a large number of free bonuses to the application program.
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