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Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim

Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim
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We are glad to welcome all seafarers to the fleet. There is nothing better than to experience the unimaginable pleasure of the cool sea wind and fresh air. Engage in the development of your seaport, turning a small coastal village into a large thriving city. Build military and merchant fleets. Show your wits and incredible abilities as a merchant, city planner, and Admiral. Explore the depths of the boundless ocean, discover new continents, make trade deals with different countries, and improve your own port. Recreate a variety of ships, starting with building small boats and ending with large sailboats and ships. Unite with your friends and trade together with them, getting an acceptable income, stand up for the protection of your trading Empire, protecting it from opponents. The game contains a lot of different tasks that allow you to find out about a significant number of amazing things, as well as about navigation and shipbuilding. In addition to all the above, the application uses real boats and ships that existed in the distant past and are used in the present day. An intriguing storyline that opens up depending on how active users are currently acting.

Game goals and necessary tasks

The Main character in the image of a gambler becomes the main Manager for the construction and General prosperity of the business. You will have to work for your own good, so the future fate of this profitable business will depend on your management, so try not to do anything wrong. If gamers can Sea Port: Build Town & Ship Cargo in Strategy Sim, they will be able to enjoy the gameplay and learn a lot of interesting things. Your main goal is to create something unusual from a small boat that is initially under your control. Merchant ships, cargo and military ships will be used in their special cargo transportation in the future.

Unusual game features

every Week on the Internet there is a lot of new unique content that is very different from the previous one, and everything else in the application contains a fairly significant structure called the port. At any time, users can buy the ship they like. With each passed location, their number increases and the more developed the skills, the more solid the ship can be purchased. Take up this difficult task and build a huge metropolis out of a simple village.
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