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Idle Miner Tycoon - Mine Manager Simulator

Idle Miner Tycoon - Mine Manager Simulator
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Quite a fascinating cartoon simulator of extraction of valuable resources, where gamers will take full control of the mines, which are in full swing extracted minerals. In this toy, users will manage a variety of mines of gold, coal, diamonds and other minerals. Invite skilled miners to work, who will have to be engaged in the extraction of minerals and ore around the clock, of course they are not robots and you need to give them a proper rest. It is necessary to increase the productivity and production of these highly profitable mines, as well as to develop its staff, through special workers who are required to ensure the active operation of the mine. Go to the market and sell useful resources, and use the money you receive to buy better modern equipment designed for your mines, as well as find additional workers. Invest your earned securities in a highly profitable business and turn into a successful billionaire. The app does not have anything complicated, for this reason, it will be able to understand absolutely any gamer.

Interesting information about the game

to start the main gameplay, you will need to select specific settings, and then start the hard work. Users will have a great chance Idle Miner Tycoon - Mine Manager Simulator, and turn small possessions into the greatest Empire that will rapidly develop. You will be forced to closely monitor the quality of work performed by your subordinates who work hard at your large-scale enterprise. But do not think that you will constantly command your employees, some of the work will have to be done personally. For future success and faster promotion of the resource-mining business, you need to try to find the best option and develop a more effective strategy for mining. And only in this case, the players will be able to greatly enrich themselves.

Unique game features

gamers have an unusual opportunity to make mining work go into automatic mode, thanks to this their profit will increase several times. All the money you earn should be invested in new business projects, and as a result, make your large-scale enterprise much more effective. With the help of managers, your employees will work much faster, because these people are actually engaged in their motivation, which will significantly improve the performance of employees.
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