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The Sims Mobile
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One of the most successful and best-selling life simulators. Create a unique character, choose your favorite external data and gender of the character. Start performing a variety of tasks, set up a house on your own, based on your taste, get a well-paid job, plan business and everyday meetings with friends, organize dizzying parties, find a soul mate - a beautiful Prince or a charming Princess and invite to romantic dates. In this application, gamers will immerse themselves in the game life of the protagonist. Users will have to The Sims Mobile, and pass a lot of various tests to get to the top of the career ladder. You will have the opportunity to choose your hobby, make your luxurious mansion more comfortable and spacious, and buy the necessary furniture and equipment that you will like. Arrange noisy entertainment events and bring friends to visit. Buy stylish clothes and other accessories. Find out the family history of your own hero.

Creating colorful characters

the Toy allows you to create unique characters and give them unusual characteristics. Try to build a chic house, inside which a huge number of people can have fun. Find your true love, build a real serious relationship, have conversations with people around you, do whatever your heart desires. In fact, the idea of the creators is very good. The creators gave the project a lot of interesting features and to this day do not stop surprising gamers. Communicate with each other on different topics, tell us about the day passed, about funny events that happened to you, and other fascinating stories.

Building your own large comfortable mansion

in Addition to choosing different characters, changing their characteristics and appearance, you can create your own pretty house where you will live. There users will invite their friends, change the layout, place furniture, and get the latest devices. Do everything exactly as in reality. The game idea is quite interesting and may interest even more gamers from all over the world. Build a strong family, have children and feel all the family hardships on your own skin. Try to achieve your goals and live a comfortable and happy life in peace and harmony. The game will impress users with beautiful high-quality detailed graphics and a wonderful world around them.
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