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Every modern player knows the word Wormix, and probably most players will be able to remember with this word small fighting worms that fought for their possessions. Finally, you have the opportunity to download to your smartphone this nostalgic game in which you will need to think a few steps ahead, as well as use a variety of creatures, as representatives of another military universe. You must constantly use your only strategy, with which you can easily destroy the enemy's side. Wise moves and tactical adjustments will help you achieve success in this difficult competition with other players. You need to choose one of the available game modes. For example, you can choose a career mode in which you will need to complete many system levels while fighting a robot. In another case, you play in multiplayer, where you automatically have the opportunity to play with a million gamers from around the world. You will meet in the same arena with your opponents, and fight not to win, but to the death. You have access to a large Arsenal of weapons, among which you can select a powerful Bazooka, as well as an effective machine gun. You will be able to achieve success if you actively use them. You also need to use working strategies during the battle. The game process will be able to start on all smartphones, and even on those who have little RAM.

Wonderful turn-based strategy

After downloading this toy to your smartphone, you should immediately understand the key to success: the right tactics plus the chosen strategy. From luck in this game, you should not wait for something and hope, because here you need only logical thinking. Move with your heroes in the right direction to get a victory every time. Show everyone around you your lightning-fast reaction, accuracy during shooting, and other features. Knowledgeable gamers are well aware that to win you need to have constant effort. You have to spend a lot of time thinking about each step, but this is not for nothing. Take the place of the best strategist in the world!

decisions Must be made

You will be able to play four game modes, and if you have enough strength to Wormix, then you can easily practice a little in a single campaign, destroying computer worms. If you feel that it's time for you to go to the world stage-then you can go out there and tear all the opponents to smithereens. Play with your friends and decide which of you is the best.
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