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Моя Говорящая Элла

Моя Говорящая Элла
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The developers decided to recommend that users install their new game on portable Android devices, in which they will constantly communicate with a small talkative elephant. Ella's pretty appearance can not fail to impress. It is worth paying attention to the ears of the main character, they are twice the size of her body. Very interesting idea of the creators, what do you think? By installing this application you can immediately start to carry on a conversation with his cute lop-eared pet. The virtual animal will require close care, your character must be fed, entertained, talked to and played with, and much more. Turn on your immense imagination and try to arrange his small room in the most fantastic way, so that he feels an unprecedented joy in his heart. The peculiarity of the application program is that the level of Ella's mood directly depends on your level. If your state of mind suddenly becomes bad, then on this day you will not be able to bring joy to the elephant.

getting To know the wonderful elephant

Your character is very affectionate, it is fun to pronounce words and can repeat even full sentences or read poems. Take care of it, bathe it, have fun in mini-games, put it to bed and never forget about it. Your mysterious friend needs the necessary care. The toy turned out to be quite fun. We recommend download My Talking Ella for Android, and play it not only for young representatives of the fairer sex, but also for the stronger sex. All young people should like this exciting project. Let's hope that this app will not leave any gamers indifferent. Users will have to get to know the life-loving Ella, chat with her and pay more attention to her.

Unique creative project

Choose clothes for the baby elephant, dress it up, demonstrate creativity, talk to it, tell funny and interesting stories, and make fun of it a little. Take care of a good-natured virtual animal and maybe one day a similar but real animal will appear in your apartment. All you said words Ella will repeat unusual funny voice. Pick up her stylish clothes, go through small games, move through different locations, do not forget to bathe and feed her. We hope that you will remember our useful recommendations for a long time. Get acquainted with other colorful animals and also bring them unprecedented bliss.
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