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Are you a real fan of cars and love to tune them, or just want to find out what your car will look like under one or another tuning? In this case, you should download the app that is developed by the 3DTuning team with the same name 3DTuning.

This application contains a large list of car brands and models of cars. Each of these cars you can easily modify and install all sorts of body kits that only exist in this world. All images and appearance are drawn as realistically as possible, and you can only install real-life body kits, so that the unreal appearance as in racing games will not be here.

This app will allow you to simulate the appearance of your car this way. How you want to see it and understand how it will look with all the body kits that can only be installed on it. In the app you can find absolutely any car from Zaporozhets to Bugatti Veyron and everything that can be installed on them. The app itself weighs a little and requires an Internet connection for its use.

Game Features:

  • Large selection of car brands;
  • A huge variety of body kits;
  • Requires an Internet connection.

3DTuning is a great app for fans of tuned cars and those who want to see how their car will look under different body kits.
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