Dancing Line

Dancing Line
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    Android 4.0.3
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Enjoy an exciting musical story that tells the story of a magical dancing line. Due to the rapid pace of the game, you will not have a second for a possible respite. Many music tracks were collected by the creators manually.

You just need to download this app to your smartphone, and soon the real miracle will begin. Each new level will have many unique details that will gradually tell you the main story. After each successfully completed round, the game difficulty will automatically increase by a level.

Basic rules of the game:

You need to take control of the line, which is constantly increasing in size, and the rhythm of music to move through many dangers. Tap on the screen of your smartphone to get to the rhythm of the song on the level. You can not miss the obstacles, because otherwise you will have to start passing from the beginning of the level.

Key features of the game app:

  • all sounds available in the game were made to order by one composer;
  • at all levels there is a unique story, as well as new obstacles;
  • to control the line, you only need one finger on your hand;
  • your main task is to catch the main rhythm of the melody.

you can not only enjoy the main process of the game, but at the same time you will train your motor skills and speed of your hands. Because of the primitive graphics, you will not be distracted by the surrounding game environment. Many bright colors will not let your eyes get tired after a long game process.

You will be happy to Dancing Line to enjoy a great and high-quality app every day. There are no materials in the app that will quickly drain your phone's battery. The creators decided to make a toy that will appeal to a huge number of gamers due to the presence of unusual gameplay, as well as an interesting story. Most players constantly compare the project with the popular game "snake"in the past. Therefore, the game application will really appeal to real gamers, as well as new players who have recently learned about the existence of such a game. From time to time, developers release special updates, adding new levels, and solving various problems inside the app.
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