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    Android 4.1
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Viber - is a useful and very high-quality program designed for any portable Android devices, which is considered a kind of analogue of The most popular Skype application. Viber can fully guarantee users a comfortable, stable and continuous connection and contains a considerable multi-function: sending photos, text messages, small videos, and also provide them with free calls.

All the above functions are performed using a mobile number. In the unique software Viber, the developers have tried hard to ensure the highest stability of the connection, even if you have a small Internet speed.

The entire list of existing features will open for you only after downloading and installing this utility on your smartphone or tablet. You will be just happy to use such a rich functionality.

Program Features:

  • Text messages can be exchanged with other users;
  • Sorting and reordering unique stickers;
  • Making free calls to other Android devices with high-quality sound;
  • Share personal photos, hide your location as needed;
  • Send videos as well as voice messages.
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