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Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story
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    Android 5.0
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Quite an interesting toy, in which players will have to personally choose which of the ways will unfold its storyline. This fascinating app provides users with a choice of several tempting options for how to live the life of the protagonist. Gamers will have a great chance to live the life of their own hero again, but with some changes. The game is very similar to "the Walking Dead". Here you will also have to view the animated scenes and stop at any particular choice. The toy will appeal to most fans of similar animated stories with an excellent choice of storyline.

Entertaining Android game

the App is very simple and complex at the same time, and all these changes occur because you want a better fate for your own character, and there will be a lot of options. The difficulty of choosing will chase you throughout the gameplay. The toy intertwines a lot of storylines. Become a celebrity, gather a Legion of fans and turn your life into a fairy tale. To implement all this, you need a suitable company. Make the right choice and then your life will change for the better, it will just be perfect. Try Episode - Choose Your Story, and create your perfect fairy tale story. The game is somewhat similar to many liked "Sims", but it has its own uniqueness and features. Create a special appearance for the protagonist and start living his life, turning it into a heavenly pleasure. Stop at the choice of his character and stick to his life position. Gamers will find a large number of different genres: mystery, romance, Comedy, and others.

Why do I need to download this app?

the Game was able to get a lot of positive reviews from gamers. Her high rating was fully justified. It does not require any download fee, as it is completely free. Excluding some items that you can not buy. If users like something unusual, they can get it for free. Only in it you can feel the most famous, famous and highly respected person. Start building your amazing story of climbing the star summit. Install this amazing toy and admire its unsurpassed gameplay. Rich colorful graphic effects, as well as the possibility of a considerable selection of unexpected plot twists, will always increase your unprecedented interest in it.
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